How much is Fairfax Country property tax? Here are a few ways to find out. You can use the median property tax in dollars and Fairfax County’s median household income to determine your property tax bill by Del Aria Team real estate in Fairfax Virginia. The Fairfax County Property Tax Assessor calculates the median property tax by calculating the assessed value of your home. If you are a veteran, you can also apply for a reduced property tax rate.


The median annual property tax in Fairfax County, VA is $5641. This is more than double the state average of $2322. However, you will find that the rates can vary significantly. For example, the lowest rates are in Belle Haven and the highest in McLean. The median home value in Fairfax County is $550,000, compared to $288,800 in Virginia. In order to determine the best way to reduce your property tax bill, contact a financial advisor. They will help you understand your financial situation and make an informed decision on how to prepare.

If you are interested in paying less than that, you may want to consider living in another county. If you rent, you can often save money by opting for an apartment or condo instead of a house. Renting is another great option, but make sure that you check the Fairfax County property tax first. While you’re there, you’ll probably find that the property tax is not the only thing you have to worry about.


The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors approved a three-cent reduction in the real estate tax rate for homes assessed at over $200,000, which would have cost an average homeowner $666. In the public hearings, many residents pressed for a lower rate. Chairman Jeffrey McKay emphasized that the budget must be balanced, so the proposed reduction is a good start. The Board also approved a 15% decrease in the personal property assessment rate to cap the value of used vehicles during the pandemic.

The tax increase in Fairfax County is 5.25%, which is higher than the increase in Virginia’s average inflation rate. But most of the increase hasn’t gone to improving county services, but to subsidize government expenses like pensions, zero-deductible medical insurance, raises, and zero-dollar medical insurance premiums. This report does not reflect Fairfax County’s fiscal sustainability and demonstrates how the property tax in Vienna and Fairfax County is increasing at a higher rate than in surrounding counties.

Disabled veterans can apply for reduced rate

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has expanded real estate tax relief for veterans, senior citizens and disabled people. Those who qualify for this reduced rate on property tax can receive a real estate tax exemption for their primary residence or up to one acre of land. Disabled veterans must be 100 percent service-connected, permanently disabled, or totally incapacitated. In addition to homeowners, veterans can also qualify for reduced rates on rent and car taxes. Veterans with disabilities or surviving spouses of service-connected military members are also eligible.

To apply for a reduced rate on Fairfax County property taxes, disabled veterans must submit a completed application form along with supporting documentation. The application process requires the veteran to prove his or her disability, which is verified by a certified disability rating issued by a recognized health care organization. A copy of the veteran’s death certificate must also be included with the application. Although the form can be submitted anytime of the year, it must be postmarked by June 15 to be considered timely. Contact the Taxpayer Assistance Division for assistance. They are open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Assessed value multiplied by tax rate

The assessor of your property will determine the assessed value for your home. This amount is based on the market value of your property. According to Virginia law, all properties are assessed at 100 percent of their market value. You may be eligible for tax relief programs which lower your property taxes. These programs deduct certain expenses from your property’s assessed value to determine its taxable value. Then, multiply the assessed value by the applicable tax rate to determine the final amount of your property tax.

A reassessment determines the fair market value of a property, which may not correspond to the price you paid for it. The assess value is then multiplied by the fair market value of your home each year to determine your yearly property tax bill. In Virginia, you can find effective tax rates for each county and independent city in the state. Also, you can find out the median home value in each county and the average annual property tax.

Relief available to citizens

There are several types of Fairfax VA County property tax relief available to residents. There are many different tax relief programs to choose from, and the changes are designed to help residents who are struggling to make ends meet. For example, one program offers full tax relief for homeowners with a combined income of more than $60,000. In addition, another program allows citizens to defer the payment of their real estate taxes. The requirements to qualify for these programs depend on the size of your household and the income levels of the owners.

The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors recently approved a plan to expand real estate tax relief programs. The program will now extend to more citizens, including seniors and people with disabilities. Applicants can receive tax relief on their vehicles, as well as rent payments. For veterans, surviving spouses of servicemen killed in action, and first responders, there are additional tax relief options. The new program will go into effect on Jan. 1 and be phased in over the next two years.

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