Escort And A Prostitute

The Differences Between An Escort And A Prostitute

For far too long, there has been a lot of confusion between the two professions or escorting and prostitution. People confuse one for the other and end up creating stigmas for both the professions and this makes people in each profession hide from society, and it also makes them really scared to be out in public. That does not exactly stop some people from flaunting what they do in public. In a lot of countries, an escort and a prostitute are actually seen as different people with different jobs. Some countries view them as the same and have created that would make it hard for them to carry out their job.

Here are some clarifications:

What is an escort?

In most circumstances, an escort is an individual who is either a person who offers companionship and their time and nothing else, and in another case, an escort is someone who offers their time, and in that time they have sex with the client, and they also perform other sexual services. People need to understand that not all escorts are sex workers; the escort does not necessarily need to have sex. The entertainment that you pay for is usually some high spirited laughter and companionship, not sex. But, escorts in places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are very famous for the sexual services that they offer. Escorts have indeed been depicted in a slightly wrong way in some movies but the movie “The Hangover” gets some things right.

The difference in services:

While an escort provides their time for an amount of money, the primary goal of a prostitute is to acquire money for sex. Prostitutes have sex with you for money and nothing else. It is very straight forward. You should also know that most escorts are tested regularly for STIs and STDs, but it is not the same with prostitutes. Most of them are not even tested, let alone treated for some issues that they have. It is really a deplorable situation, and the conditions are pathetic in a brothel.

An escort would generally work whatever hours that they wanted. Even if they a part of an agency, they can choose their hours, they can choose clients as well. There is a lot of freedom when you are an escort; you will also have a lot of perks, things that you do not have as a prostitute. There is also no compulsion to be sexual with any clients.

In most countries, they have actually developed laws where escorts can legally carry out their profession, but prostitution is still frowned upon. Prostitutes have started taking advantage of the laws which allow escorts to practice their profession as well.

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